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About Instrument Sciences and Technologies, Inc.

About Instrument Sciences and Technologies, Inc.

From the President,

My business partner, Jim Sheridan, and I have been involved in the instrumentation industry for over 35 years.  We have worked together for numerous employers and countless end users in various capacities starting as UA apprentices.  Over the years, we have learned the right and wrong way to conduct business and treat customers.  It seemed fitting that we take this vast amount of knowledge and incorporate it into our own business.  We felt we could do it better on our own and we have proven it to ourselves and to every one of our customers.

We regard ourselves as loyal, honest, hard working and always willing to do our part to bring about a favorable closure to a project, no matter the size.  We have a vast resource of technical and trained craft labor that are willing to put that knowledge to work for you.

Our Corporate Headquarters is located in central New Jersey and we cover the entire Continental United States and Puerto Rico.  We are interested, and have opportunities to grow in Canada and Europe, and we are pursuing our expansion at a controlled rate.

Please read through our newly designed website to learn more about our capabilities, past and present projects, safety, financial, and quality qualifications.  We are very proud of them.


Thomas A. Mitchell

About Instrument Sciences and Technologies, Inc.

From the Secretary/Treasurer.

Instrument Sciences and Technologies has completed projects in excess of $6 million, and as small as $500.00, and have the finances to fully-fund our work.  Our open book estimating results in a trusting relationship with our clients.  We know the value of a dollar and do not over charge for our services.  We have a reputation of being the Instrument Company one can COUNT ON and have rescued projects in trouble and proven true to our abilities of performance.  Performance is what we sell.

But that is only part of what merits Instrument Sciences and Technologies, Inc. as being foremost in its field.  We balance our superior work with a moral responsibility toward our people and clients.  Our dedication to this sound business environment is how we built our reputation.  Our partnerships and repeat business with many Fortune 500 companies are proof of this commitment.

Every client and every project has benefited from our team attitude and experience in developing and controlling assignments.  We are known for being flexible to our clients' needs, offering insight and assistance to help them achieve their goals and to work efficiently toward that end.

Fine quality and excellent service is just a phone call away.  We are ready to service your needs right now or in the future.  Please feel free to contact us.


James M. Sheridan